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fastTel provides clients with a corporate telecommunications service that offers quality, flexibility, coverage and value. We can provide seamless... + continue reading

We have the experience a capability to help you in all levels of IT whether it be fixing a laptop or assessing and improving your entire... + continue reading

With over 20 years experience of web development, hosting and maintenance of websites there is little that we"ve not come across. Your website is... + continue reading

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Voice Consumer SOHO Executive utilising a Huawei F685 device acts as a regular landline phone but connects calls over 3G instead of a phone jack. Perfect for the family and the company - up to six handsets can be... + continue reading
Introduction The evolution of technology, user sophistication and multiple communication channels makes it imperative that enterprises stay at the forefront of developments in communications. However, in the process... + continue reading
Our Standby Telecommunication Service offers South African businesses a failsafe on their traditional fixed-line telephony solutions. Never let copper cable theft, internal network failures or other line disruptions... + continue reading
Our Fax2Email offering is the most advanced fax to email solution available today, designed for Corporate, Government and SMME customers. Fax2Email allows business to maximise utilisation of IT infrastructure and... + continue reading
Today’s communications landscape is undoubtedly dominated by mobile technology using the GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) standard. Cellular phones have captured the consumer market across the world,... + continue reading
Features Free voicemail Free itemised billing Flexible contract duration 48h delivery lead-time Calls to and from all networks Leading tier one wireless network infrastructure... + continue reading

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