Frequently Asked Questions

No information on the screen is normal when the FWT is powered off. The power supply icon and the blinking battery icon indicate that the battery is being charged.

  1. Make sure the network signal is good enough.
  2. Make sure the destination number is correct.
  3. Check if the balance of the SIM account is enough.
  4. Whether you have set a Call Limiter? If you have set it on, make sure the number you dialed is not limited.
  5. Make sure the network switching is correct.
  1. Check whether the FWT has been in the locking terminal & card mode .
  2. Check whether UIM card has been locked.
  3. Check whether the PIN code of the UIM card has been opened.
  4. Check whether the UIM card has been damaged (use mobile phone to check the UIM card).
  1. Does SIM contact tightly with socket?
  2. Is SIM or socket covered with dust? 
  3. Is SIM a failed SIM?
  1. To enhance the stability of software;
  2. To solve the problem of software;
  3. It is the responsibility of technical support staff to decide whether the software need to upgrade.

Open the battery room to check whether the battery has been installed. If the battery has been installed, the battery’s energy is not enough 。It needs to connect the terminal with the external power adapter and charge the battery.


The ringing tone shows that you have an incoming call. For the convenience of using, if the user is not in the communication state, the phone call is still able to come in.

  1. Does AC adapter plug properly in the FWT?
  2. Does AC adapter plug properly in the electrical outlet?
  3. Is battery a failed battery?

The ring indicates that there is an incoming call. If you are not in a call, you can answer the call.


Network does not support the receiving terminal time accounting; the time displayed on the screen is the time FWT starts to occupy the wireless signal channel.

  1. Check whether the antenna has been installed properly.
  2. Adjust the antenna of the FWT or move the FWT to the location where the better signal can be received.
  3. If there is still no time indication, then contact with the carrier to check whether the signal covers the area of the FWT.

It indicates that the FWT is powered solely by the battery. If the FWT is powered solely by the battery and the battery icon is blinking without any bar inside, it indicates that the battery level is low. Use the power adapter to charge or replace the battery.

  1. Make sure the time of pressing power on button enough. 
  2. Make sure the battery has been installed properly. 
  3. If the electrical voltage of battery is low, please charge it.
  4. It may be caused by leaving battery unused for a long time. Try to charge for 3 or 5 minutes, and it may be all right then.
  1. The FWT spare battery be able to support 3-hour talking time or 90 hours stand-by time (reference value, the actual time is according to the condition of GSM network) in the case of no external power supply.
  2. The battery is in packing box, and before using the FWT, user needs to correctly install the battery. During the installation of battery, it needs to be careful of the direction of the socket, try to avoid the reverse installation.
  3. FWT will charge the battery automatically when using the external power supply adapter. And it will stop automatically when the charging process is completed (the battery will still be charged, when the power switch is off).

You can send a text message to up to 10 recipients at a time. You can view and edit text messages on multiple handsets simultaneously.


1000 mAh for the NiMH battery and 600 mAh for the Li-ion battery.


The "Insert SIM card" message indicates that no SIM card is inserted in the base. Check whether the SIM card is completely inserted and whether it is damaged.


You can register up to six handsets with the same base. When you are on the phone using one handset, other handsets cannot be used to make phone calls or send text messages.


The base can save up to a total of 500 text messages in its inbox, outbox, and draft box


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