Huawei ETS3125

After the FWT is powered off, sometimes no information is displayed while sometimes the power supply icon and the blinking battery icon are displayed.

No information on the screen is normal when the FWT is powered off. The power supply icon and the blinking battery icon indicate that the battery is being charged.

Why can not call out?

  1. Make sure the network signal is good enough.
  2. Make sure the destination number is correct.
  3. Check if the balance of the SIM account is enough.
  4. Whether you have set a Call Limiter? If you have set it on, make sure the number you dialed is not limited.
  5. Make sure the network switching is correct.

After installing the UIM card, the FWT notices “please insert card” or “invalid card”.

  1. Check whether the FWT has been in the locking terminal & card mode .
  2. Check whether UIM card has been locked.
  3. Check whether the PIN code of the UIM card has been opened.
  4. Check whether the UIM card has been damaged (use mobile phone to check the UIM card).

Why can I not read information in SIM?

  1. Does SIM contact tightly with socket?
  2. Is SIM or socket covered with dust? 
  3. Is SIM a failed SIM?

What is the objective of software updating?

  1. To enhance the stability of software;
  2. To solve the problem of software;
  3. It is the responsibility of technical support staff to decide whether the software need to upgrade.

The terminal is not connected with an external power adapter. The switch of the FWT is turned on, but the battery LED is still off.

Open the battery room to check whether the battery has been installed. If the battery has been installed, the battery’s energy is not enough 。It needs to connect the terminal with the external power adapter and charge the battery.

Pick up the handset or press the hand-free, and then hear ringing tone when ready to dial the FWT.

The ringing tone shows that you have an incoming call. For the convenience of using, if the user is not in the communication state, the phone call is still able to come in.

Why can not charge battery?

  1. Does AC adapter plug properly in the FWT?
  2. Does AC adapter plug properly in the electrical outlet?
  3. Is battery a failed battery?

An incoming-call ring is heard after the busy tone.

The ring indicates that there is an incoming call. If you are not in a call, you can answer the call.

When use FWT to make a phone call, the time start to account on the screen is not the time another side pick up the phone call.

Network does not support the receiving terminal time accounting; the time displayed on the screen is the time FWT starts to occupy the wireless signal channel.

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