Huawei F685

How many recipients can I send a text message to at a time? Can I view and edit messages on multiple handsets simultaneously?

You can send a text message to up to 10 recipients at a time. You can view and edit text messages on multiple handsets simultaneously.

What are the batteries' capacities?

1000 mAh for the NiMH battery and 600 mAh for the Li-ion battery.

The handset displays "Insert SIM card" What can I do?

The "Insert SIM card" message indicates that no SIM card is inserted in the base. Check whether the SIM card is completely inserted and whether it is damaged.

How many handsets can I register with the base? Can I use different handsets to make phone calls or send text messages at the same time?

You can register up to six handsets with the same base. When you are on the phone using one handset, other handsets cannot be used to make phone calls or send text messages.

How many text messages can the F685 save in its inbox, outbox, and draft box?

The base can save up to a total of 500 text messages in its inbox, outbox, and draft box

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